"The Blind Banker" is the second episode of the first season of Sherlock and the second series overall. 

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

Allusions to the original Sherlock Holmes novels Edit

  • The concept of coded messages comes from two works of art in the Sherlock series.
    • Using book references for helping coded messages comes from The Valley of Fear.
    • Using pictorial messages comes from the short story "The Adventure of the Dancing Men"
  • Black Lotus members' markings of a black flower on their feet refers to the marking of the Scowrers from The Valley of Fear.
    • To another note, the plot of escaping a secret society before they are tracked and killed
    • The "a book that all would own" notion, comes from the same story
    • The message's graffiti refer to the childish drawings alluding to "Dancing Men"
  • A murder victim found inside a locked room accessible only by climbing is an allusion to The Sign of the Four, as is the fact that the intruder had unusually small feet.
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