Mary Elizabeth Watson (nee Morstan), formerly known as Rosamund) is one of the main characters in 2010 BBC TV series, Sherlock starting in season 3 and onwards. Originally working as an assassin, to a nurse, she met and fell in love with John Watson.

Pre-series Edit

Mary is born Rosamund Mary and later grows up. Years before she meets John, she takes the name Mary Morstan and leaves her former life behind. While working at a hospital, she meets Dr. John Watson, who recently just lost his best friend and moves out of his flat in Baker Street (unknown to John, Sherlock is still alive). The two of them begin to bond and after a while, John goes on his first date with her and they begin to fall in love with each other.

Series 3 Edit


Series 4 Edit

Mary goes into labor one day while Sherlock and John are out. John ignored her calls previously and begins to realize that they baby is going to be born. John rushes to the hospital, but Mary ends up giving birth on the side of the road. Mary later gives birth to a daughter named Rosie. Months later, she is shot when she takes the bullet meant for Sherlock. Her death leads there to be a rift in Sherlock and John's friendships.   

After her death, John takes it quite hard and begins blaming Sherlock for his wife's death. John also begins to hallucinate her (or it is her ghost that he can only see; whether which one is debatable. 

Romances Edit

John Watson Edit

Mary loved John more than anything in the entire world (besides their daughter, Rosamund).

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