Relationship between ex-army doctor John Watson and his best friend, the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes.

John and Sherlock are best friends and share a brotherly relationship.

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Sherlock hates the fact that John has a mustache and hopes he will get rid of it. Later, John gets mad at Sherlock for pretending to be dead for two years and then punches him in the face several times.

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The Lying Detective Edit

During the second episode, John still has quarrels with Sherlock after blaming him for his wife, Mary Morstan's death.

However, John immediately attacks Culverton Smith for trying to kill Sherlock, who planned since the beginning to get John to trust him again. 

Later, John forgives Sherlock and tells him that it is not his fault that Mary died and that she chose to take the bullet for Sherlock. He gets upset Sherlock hadn't told him that Irene Adler was still alive, but he tells Sherlock to never let her go. Envisioning a hallucination of Mary, he "apologizes" to her but breaks down crying. Sherlock later embraces John to comfort him.

The Final Problem Edit

By the end of the series, John and Sherlock raise Rosamund together.

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  • Fans dub them as 'Johnlock'