Helen was a character who appeared in the first episode "A Study in Pink".

Character arc Edit

In the story it is revealed Helen is having an affair with her boss, Sir Jeffrey Patterson. On October 12, 2009, she made a call to him. Her last call to him was her insisting he get a cab and that she loved him before saying goodbye. However, Patterson was abducted and killed while ingesting a pill given to him by Jeffrey . She cried in a different room to keep her true feelings for him under-wraps.

Relationship Edit

Jeffrey Patterson Edit

Sir Jeffrey Patterson likely fell in love with Helen after a certain of time while working with her. However, Helen soon became close with her boss and they secretly began dating each other. She apparently didn't care that he was a  married man and claimed to love him before his death. She is even seen crying in a seperate room, as no one should know that she was having an affair with a married man and a Knight.

Appearances Edit

Series One Edit

  • A Study in Pink (only appearance)

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